AlForat Dates company founded in 2002 is considered the largest Iraqi company in the field of Filling and Packaging dates where the company has an Italian factory that is 12,500 m2 area in addition to the 15,000 m2 extension. The factory provides filling and packaging dates within the international standards of health, where the company since its inception is providing everything new in the industry of dates as well as the company produces biscuits and mamoul stuffed with dates in another factory that belongs to the company where our company produces dates and its additional products.

Our company contributed in the development of our products where the company has products in all measurements 50 g, 100 g, 200 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, and 2 kg taking advantage of the latest Italian technology in this field, where the company owns an Italian origin modern and high-tech factory, and also had been designed and built the facilities of the factory under the supervision of the Italian company to ensure international standards of health and food safety.

All Dates pass on more than eight stages of fogging, sorting, washing , heating, cooling and packing by Italian high tech machinery which ensures high global standards to ensure food safety, where our factory owns a special laboratory for this purpose.

The factory is located in the famous historic city of Babylon, where the hanging gardens, one of the seven wonders of the world, is located south of Baghdad, just 90 kilometers away, and also it needs one hour drive from the Najaf International Airport, just 40 km from the holy city of Karbala.

city of Babylon is famous in palm cultivation since ancient times where it contains more than three million palm trees and all kinds of Iraqi dates that are known for quality, taste, and food value, such as (Khistawi, Berhi, Blue Blue, Zahdi, Ebrahimi, Tbrzel, Ont Ayoub, Al-Sayer, Sukari, Boraim, El Khadrawi, omrani, Aldkla and others) of the famous and the many species of iraqi dates.

Iraq is considered the original home of the palm trees, and it contains more than 600 varieties and types of dates. our products has been spread out in Baghdad and all the governorates of Iraq where our customers can find our products in large supermarkets and also in Wholesale shops.

Our products are considered as the product of choice in the Iraqi market due to the fact that the Iraqi people would prefer Iraqi dates than imported dates, and also to the fact that our products has better quality than the imported dates.

Our products are much better than the product imported from neighboring countries because we used more modern and sophisticated technology than the technology of neighboring countries, and also because of the quality of well-known taste of Iraqi dates and distinctive use of non-chemical methods which affect the taste of dates.

Our products have been exported to the European Union countries and the middle east.

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